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10+ Best Lord Shiva Tattoos By Inkkme Tattoo Studio

Best Lord Shiva Tattoos By Inkkme Tattoo Studio

10+ Best Lord Shiva Tattoos By Inkkme Tattoo Studio

Lord Shiva, the name is enough for every single Indian to look up to him with great respect and admiration. More than billions of Indians worship this god of power, considered one of the most powerful gods, who can control everything in this universe. The Hindu mythology says that Lord Shiva is the Destroyer, Protector, and the Bestower.  People love to get Lord Shiva tattoos as it has become more of a fashion statement these days. People get Lord Shiva tattoos on their arms, neck, chest, and many other parts of the body without fail.

Lord Shiva’s tattoo designs and meaning are the focus of this blog. So before going to give a tattoo of lord shiva it’s good if you have an idea about the various types of lord shiva tattoos design, meaning, and importance. In this blog, we have tried to mix these things so that a person who is going for a shiva tattoo in near future should know about the various designs, meanings, types, and importance of lord shiva tattoos.

Various Shiva Tattoo Elements

  • Trishul:  Tri meaning three and Shool meaning spear, the weapon held by Lord Shiva is of great significance. Though this weapon has been carried by numerous different deities, Lord Shiva is supposed to have several qualities. Shiva’s Trishul, it is said, eliminates the physical world, which is an illusion, the mental world, which is ego, and then transports us to the third realm, which is spiritualism.
  • Damru: The Universe, which is constantly expanding and contracting, is symbolized by Damru. The process of creation begins with an expansion, then collapses, and then re-expands. The damru, which is also a sign of music, is a rhythmic expansion of energy. 
  • Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra: Mahamrityunjay Mantra promotes mental, emotional, and physical well-being, as well as lifespan and immortality. Pair it with Lord Shiva to give the perfect appearance to your tattoo.
  • Snake: The snake represents ego. The coiled serpent around Shiva’s neck also serves as a reminder to worshippers to keep their egos under check. When the ego is under check, there is always harmony in life.
  • Moon: Shiva adorns Chandrama (moon) on his forehead. In addition to imparting the energies of Indra, Chandra has absorbed the frequencies of Prajapat, Brahma, Vishnu, Minakshi, and Shiva. Chandrama means ‘The one which gives pleasure’. Affection, mercy, and motherly love are some of its attributes.
  • Ganga: The Ganga (also known as the Ganges) is the holiest of rivers, and it shines from Shiva’s crown. This is a representation of the causative waters from whence the world emerges. In addition, it serves as a means of ceremonial cleansing. Ganga also refers to wisdom, namely knowledge that purifies the soul.

Shiva Tattoos And Their Details

Lord Shiva With Crescent Moon and Trishul Tattoo

The essence of a Trishul tattoo is the power that comes with it, and Trishula tattoos are frequently considered strong statements about the qualities and power you possess or aim to possess.

Amazing Lord Shiva With Snake Tattoo

Shiva is shown wearing a hooded snake around his neck to signify that the energies have reached their peak.

Aghora Tattoo

If you wish to have a tattoo of Lord Shiva, you can pick a specific form of Lord Shiva because he has many different identities and forms. Aghora is one of them, and she lives on the cremation grounds.

Full Sleeve Shiva Tattoo

Full sleeve Lord Shiva tattoo including all the elements that Shiva represents. If you are looking for an extended pattern of Shiva on your body, you should get a full sleeve tattoo. With a Shiva tattoo on your arm, you could have several Shiva elements and a detailed tattoo of him rather than a small tattoo.

Shiva Tattoo On Chest

As an embodiment of power and mastery, Shiva wears the tiger’s skin to represent the power of shakti that goes beyond all other forces. The tattoo is directly on his chest with Trishul, implying that it is near to his heart. It’s a wonderful way to honor God.

Lord Shiva With Zen Circle

Zen Circle symbolizes the universe, inner strength, and enlightenment. Shiva is the Lord of the universe. Hence, a tattoo with the combination of Lord Shiva and Zen Circle is perfect.

Shivsati Tattoo

Whenever Shiva and Sati are together, their love is a powerful force that can help make any dream come true. Their love signifies the divine energy that can make anything and everything in the world possible. Their union represents the power of love and unity.

Shiva Inspired Small Tattoo Design

If you want to make shiva-inspired tattoo designs, you include Trishul, Om, Rudraksha, and the Third Eye of Shiva. Lord carries these major symbols always with him.

Shiva Tattoo On Arm

As the most important god in the Hindu religion, Shiva is also known as Siva. Most of Shiva’s tattoos depict him in this stance because he thinks that only through meditation can one avoid ignorance and go on the road of enlightenment.

Shiva in Zen Circle With Trishul and Om Tattoo

The idols of Shiva portray Shiva as the Supreme Being, the destroying force, and also as the transformer, which is represented by the three faces of the idols. Shiva has various forms, and whether they are peaceful or forceful, Shiva tattoo art is stunning and intriguing.

Trishul, Shiva’s Third Eye, and Rudraksha Tattoo

This Trishula design is pretty innovative. The third eye of Shiva appears in the middle. Even though the tattoo is not colored and is just done in black ink, the elegance of the design is obvious.


Shiv tattoo design ideas are constantly growing in numbers and popularity. Lord Shiva is one of the most popular tattoo wearers and has many followers who have worn this tattoo to show the symbol they represent. We hope that this Shiva tattoo design has inspired you enough to get the next Shiva tattoo and for any customized tattoo design, you can connect with us for any expert guidance. For more Shiva tattoo ideas you can also visit our Instagram profile.

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