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Tattoo Ideas

7+ Best Tattoo Ideas for Girls by Inkkme Tattoo Studio

7+ Best Tattoo Ideas for Girls by Inkkme Tattoo Studio

With the amazing discoveries about the ancient civilizations by our archaeologists and other expert scientists, we came to know that the activity of body art (Tattoos) has been going on for a very long time, and tattoos are considered traditional activities for both men and women.

Seeing the ancient women with tattoos has made us believe that the ancient women were much more creative and dynamic when it came to expressing respect towards their culture and tribes. With the rise of feminism in this modern age, the women of this age have chosen tattoos as a medium to show the world that they are bold and beautiful. 
This article is presented to you with 7+ Best Tattoo Ideas for Girls to clear any confusion you may have in getting yourself tattooed.

Cursive Lettering Tattoo

Lettering tattoos are very widely inked on almost every second person in the world. There are different fonts that are used while cursive lettering tattoos and figuring out these fonts can be a difficult task but if the cursive lettering tattoos are inked properly then it is the best tattoo any person can ink on their body.

Many people prefer to ink quotes that resemble them very strongly and they want to carry that quote with them forever. The most desired place for inking a cursive lettering tattoo is the collar bone.

Detailed Tattoos

To symbolize your complex nature, detailed tattoos bring a constant source of visual and mental encouragement. An abundance of detail, both in colour and greyscale, captures your attention and can feature many different designs or images important to your true nature.
The thigh ranks at the top of the list when it comes to sexy tattoo spots. But for these detailed tattoos thighs are the most popular body parts.

Minimalist Tattoos

Small, minimalist tattoos are very discreet and difficult to notice on someone’s skin, but these tiny pieces of tattoo work are the best proof that when it comes to body art and ink size doesn’t matter as minimalist means “less is more”. Minimalist tattoos feature graphic lines and geometric shapes and look great when tattooed on wrists or ankles.

Dream Catcher-Themed Tattoos

The traditional dreamcatcher is a handmade willow hoop with a net woven to replicate a spider’s web, with its origin traced to Native American culture. Symbolically, they represent protection from evil dreams but can be tweaked to illustrate different ideas. Our side shoulder turns out to be perfect to ink these beautiful dream catchers Tattoos forever.

Mystical Tattoos

Mystical tattoos are also known as spiritual tattoos, which symbolize the feelings of comprehensive harmony, affection, pleasure and serenity. These types of tattoos also let us know how a person believes about life and god.

Inking these feelings is one of the best decisions one can make. And these kinds of tattoos look amazing when painted on our back shoulders.

Small Cute Tattoos

Small tattoos with meaning are amazing. They’re subtle, yet powerful and these miniature designs carry deep messages. 

It is not compulsory to ink big tattoos for strength, love, joy, serenity, freedom and other various feelings, as we know that less is more so inking tattoos for these feelings size does not matter. These teeny tiny cute tattoos hold a very perfect place on our fingers.

Mandala Art Tattoo

The sacred pieces of Mandala artwork are used to raise remedial, spiritual progress, and meditation. The Mandala word is considered as a ‘sacred circle’, which is derived from the word ‘Mandra’ which implies ‘container of the essence’. The sacred circle indicates the integrity, health, harmony, emotional connection and circles of life. The sacred circle consists of geometric patterns which reflect the universe’s geometry.

Name Tattoo

Name tattoos can make a powerful statement about the people you love the most. If you are a parent and want to celebrate your child’s birth or the unbreakable bond that you share, you can do it with a name tattoo in their honour. Our forearms are very well-known body parts to inscribe our loved ones’ names tattoo.

Final Lines

Having a tattoo can be painful sometimes but it mainly depends on which body part you are getting inked with, but once the tattoo is done correctly the felt pain will not go in vain. Nowadays women are choosing tattoos as a great source of expressing their boldness and beauty. 

For some, in this modern age also, tattoos are not just designs, but a symbol of protection, respect and devotion towards their tribes and ancestors.